Hostel to Home

Tomorrow we finally get to move into our fabulous little piso!!  Brian and I have been staying in a Holiday Inn in a quiet Barcelona neighborhood called Poble Neu, while Shab has been in Buba House, a colorful hostel in the Eixample.  Since her little home is fairly central to the area we've been frequenting, we have all spent much time back and forth from her hostel when we need to get online or otherwise kill time.  Here are a few photos of her temporary Spanish home...

This is the reception area and makeshift living room. The guys who run the place have a desk opposite the couch Brian is sitting on where someone sits 24hrs to watch over the place and buzz people into the hostel from the front door of the building.  Marco is the jefe (boss) we think, and he's been super helpful and accomodating.

There are two bathrooms - one on the right (you can barely see the door frame) and one on the left (white door with red painted semi-circle).  The rest of the hallway is the doors to the rooms, both private and shared.

The little kitchen is fully equipped with fridge, stove, oven, water cooler, coffee maker and all the dishes you could need to cook.  The guys who work here have been great about letting us come hang out in the kitchen and make ourselves right at home.

That's Tylor on the left.  He's the other McCombs MBA studying abroad with Brian, Shab and Chelle.  In this picture he's having Brian hold his passport while he takes a photo with his iPhone that he can scan. The poor guy kind of had the trip from hell getting here - 4 hour delayed flight meant he missed his connections and was rerouted completely...thus his bag was lost...then he almost got robbed in the metro but was able to chase the assailants and retrieve his things (the few he had with him that the airline didn't lose)...then he was bunked with loud, partying, snoring Aussies in his hostel.  And yet when we met up with him today, he still had a smile on his face.  Love people like him!

Needless to say he's decided to change accommodations and move into the same hostel as Shab while he looks for a piso.

What would an afternoon in Spain be without a 2 hour lunch and yet another menu del dia?!  We found this place in my Timeout guide (thank you Alicia!!!!) and we absolutely loved it.  The ambience inside was very French, although the food and the menu were 100% Catalan.  We again busted out the ol' Timeout guide in order to translate the menu from Catalan to Spanish to English.  Ha!  We're all doing really well with the Spanish - it's just that pesky Catalan that keeps tripping us up!

The restaurant was very close to our new neighborhood, so we had to show Tylor where we would be living.  This is a shot of our new street, Carrer Sant Pere Mes Alt.  We're so excited!  Since the holidays have passed, little shops and restaurants were actually open today and we got a better feel for what will become our stomping grounds. 

Tonight is our last night in the Holiday Inn Express.  I must say that it's been really nice to at least be in a hotel, but I'm so ready for our piso.  Tonight Brian was trying to charge his travel razor, and I guess because of the voltage difference through our plug converter, he tripped the breaker and blew the lights and electricity in our whole room!  They couldn't get it fixed, so we had to change rooms for our last night.  It was quite the production, especially considering that we are STILL living out of our 70-pound suitcases and trying to unpack as little as possible.  I don't want to count the number of times Brian has had to move these suitcases!

But tomorrow they will finally get to be unpacked!  After we lug them into a taxi yet again, and then up to the 4th floor of our new building.  There is at least an elevator but I doubt all the bags will fit at once!  Everything is such a process in Spain.  It reminds me to sloooooow down in life.

Buenas noches!  Looking forward to move-in day.  This time last week we were moving OUT of condo condo.  Crazy how much has happened in just one week.