Hello St. Louis!

Our Oprah women's only-weekend finally arrived, and we've made it to ol' St. Louie! The weatherman predicted rain, but we were optimistic...and of course we arrived to sunshine and clear blue skies.

Our theme for the trip is "ease." Everything leading up to this awesomely serendipitous experience has been easy and smooth, so we've decided to roll with it and not get too stressed about anything.

We easily found our way to the metro, had a lovely conversation with a Southwest flight attendant named Octavia while we awaited our train, zipped right over to our hotel, checked in early, and then set out on foot to explore downtown and find food. Easy peasy!

It's definitely springtime...the trees are in full bloom and tulips abound. We decided to sacrifice our cool image and look like complete tourists to snap a photo of all this beauty.

I would like to point out that I got a catcall while stopping to pose for this photo. That's right, knocked up and I still got it.

Aside from our motto of ease, Mary and I also agree that we are here first and foremost for OPRAH!!! Anything we do on top of that is just bonus. So we're not really into the whole sightseeing thing. We want to relax, get pampered at a nearby spa, and enjoy some good food.

So with that being said, we were completely content if this was the only St. Louis Arch we saw while we were here...

I'm all about essence, and from what I've seen so far I think it captures the essence of St. Louis pretty well.

After this awe-inspiring look at the arch, we (of course) stumbled upon the cutest little place called The London Tea Room on Washington Ave and found just the local feel and good grub we were looking for. 

All it took was a warm, gooey brie and apple sandwich, some creamy tomato soup, a fresh spring salad and a spot of tea and we were ready to brave the city again.

And guess what? Wouldn't you know we stumbled right upon that big ol' arch?

It's located right along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, and we both had romantic ideas about the magic of sipping a cool beverage along the banks of the majestic Mississippi...

Ummmm, not so much. But we got a nice view of this plant. 

No biggie! Remember our motto? Ease! So we decided to hop the metro back to our hotel and call our afternoon a success. As we speak, Aunt Mary is booking spa appointments for tomorrow, and we're heading down to the lobby for free 5:30pm cocktails. I'm a pro these days at watching other people drink, by the way.

More to come on our grand Oprah adventure! Ta ta for now!! TTFN!