Got a Minute? Let's Make Miracles!

Deepak Chopra talks and writes often about the importance of communing with nature, and I can't agree more wholeheartedly. The Polka Dot and I spend time on the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail several times a week, and inevitably I am struck by divine genius each time we go.

(Thank you Universe.)

And so of course our walk yesterday was no exception... I received a very clear and very loving message that it's time to start moving in the direction of change on a larger scale. It's time to mobilize the masses for good and to share our joy with one another in connection and love.

And then it hit me!

At the most recent Joe Dispenza workshop I attended, a wonderful gentleman told the story of how his dog (and his life) was healed through a series of beautifully amazing events all propelled by his meditation practice and living in the field of pure possibility. The part that stuck with me was how he got his friends and family all across the globe at the same exact time to picture his dog running (she had a badly injured leg) and to send loving energy into the Universe.

So cool, right?!

I love this idea of coming together energetically for a brief, precious moment to send a message of love. Dr. Joe talked again and again at the workshop about how powerful the collective is...that 1+1 is not 2. That 1+1=5 and that together we create ripples so profound that we physically alter the vibration of this planet.

So why can't we do that?

I believe we can. And beginning this Monday, August 5 at 9:00am CST I will do just that. I'm committing to spend this one dedicated minute in meditation each week for myself and the greater good, and I'm inviting all of you to do the same!

Yes, one tiny little minute.

This is for EVERYONE...whatever your meditation practice outside of this, whether it exists or not. Anyone and everyone is invited to join and devote 60 seconds of love and gratitude.

C'mon...I know you have one minute.

If you're at work and have a 9am meeting, then go to the bathroom and sit in the stall for 60 seconds of peace and be one measly minute late.

If you're at home like me with your kiddo, then give them a toy or a book or hold them on your lap and offer yourself and this world one focused minute.

If you're going to be in the car driving at that time, then spend that minute with eyes open in waking meditation.

If you're stuck on how you're going to make it work, then ask the Universe to move time and space to give you that minute. (You have 1,439 other minutes in the day and 10,079 in the week to get all that other stuff done.)

Here's what we're going to do:

1. Make the decision to join this collective consciousness of love, gratitude and joy. Join the Facebook group HERE to commune with like-minded souls and share your miracles. (Message me if you can't request to join the group for some reason.)

Remember to set your calendar reminders! And SHARE with your friends!!

2. At 9am CST (7am PST, 8am MST, 10am EST, and so on) on Monday, August 5 (and every Monday thereafter) sit quietly with eyes closed (if possible) breathing deeply.

3. Place an intention of LOVE and GRATITUDE in your heart. Really feeeeel it.

4. For the first 30 seconds or so (no need to time it people...your heart will tell you when to shift) focus on an image in your mind of something you want in YOUR life.

If you want better health, maybe you see a smiley face over the part of your body that is ailing. If you want money to cover your debt, maybe you see a big dollar sign. Whatever it is, just focus on that image with love and gratitude as if you already have it in your life.

5. For the next 30 seconds or so (again, let your heart guide you), focus on an image of earth bathed in love and light.

Maybe for you this translates into a big heart around the earth. Maybe it is earth glowing in yellow light. Let your creativity and your heart guide you. FEEL the love. Send love and blessings to everyone on earth and to all those joining you in this Miracle Meditation Minute. Let this image encompass and represent all the individual images we just set forth. In this way we are blessing each other's intentions as well as our own.

6. Offer yourself love and gratitude for spreading this powerful energy and allow the miracles into your life.

7. Join us again next Monday!

Daily focused meditation has absolutely changed my life, and I firmly believe that even one minute of this positive, collective love can change each and every one of us and send ripples of healing to those who need it most.

Don't get too caught up in all the left-brain logic that is inevitably going to fill your head with chatter. Yes, one minute is short and we may not all be meditating at the exact same instant. This is about LOVE and INTENTION and TRUST, people. If you do this with love in your heart and with good intention, then you can trust that the Universe will handle the rest, timing and all.

Where you place your attention your energy goes, and so I propose that we place our attention on love, gratitude, joy and healing for ourselves and the greater good.

Eeeee! So excited to Share Our Joy!