Finding Stillness: Why I Meditate + A New Meditation Course

On Monday, April 22nd, I’m teaching Finding Stillness, a 7-day online meditation course with my sister Lacy Young, and it’s had me thinking so much about my own meditation practice and what it means to me. Lacy and I have wanted to teach a course like this for years, but it had to come into itself in its own timing.

We knew we didn’t want to do a typical how-to course, and we didn’t want to just break down meditation mechanics. We felt like anyone could do that, and for us the magic isn’t in the how. It’s in the why.

You see, I meditate because I believe it can heal anything and everything in my life. I believe it can help me with the tiniest of issues or the most giant of problems. I believe it can center and ground me and connect me with total clarity. I believe it can heal my body and rewire my brain. I believe it can evoke my creative genius and create harmony in my relationships and life.

And I believe it with every fiber in my being.

I’ve had experiences in meditation that most people wouldn’t believe. I’ve witnessed spontaneous healing in myself and in those I love. I’ve had orgasms in my brain (it’s a thing), and I’ve traveled outside of my body. I’ve had lifelong emotional wounds healed in an instant, and I’ve seen visions of the future that played out exactly as they were shown to me in the stillness.

I’ve lived miracles.

But even that isn’t why I meditate. Yes, these things are beyond amazing, and I’m not blasé about them. But when I dig down deep and I ask myself why I really, truly meditate, it’s because of the way it makes me feel about me.

I grew up a painfully self-conscious little girl, and worthiness was one of the issues I worked on vigilantly for the first 20+ years of my life. I never felt enough, and there was always a base level of anxiety in my body and mind.

But as I have nurtured a meditation practice over these last many years, I have watched that relationship with myself shift. It has been a slow and steady transformation, but now I can see that each time I have gone into the stillness, a little piece of that old self-critical residue has been chipped away.

I love and care about myself now. I honor the skin I’m in and the space I take up in the world. And I feel worthy of everything I desire. There is so much softness where once there was only rigidity.

The thing that I’ve learned about this journey into myself is that it looks different for each and every one of us. My practice has largely been influenced by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and for a long time I did only his meditations. In fact, that was one of the reasons why I resisted teaching a meditation class for so long. I didn’t want to simply re-teach Joe’s work. He does an amazing job, and it felt more honest to simply send people straight to the source.

But as my practice morphed from only his meditations to a beautiful self-led path through a variety of meditation modalities, I realized that there was wisdom to be shared regardless of what the actual sitting practice looks like. Because I truly believe it is less about the type of meditation you do or how your find your way into the stillness and more about the energy, beliefs and attitudes you carry with you in and out of your practice.

I’m teaching this course with my sister because I believe with my entire being that every single person on this planet could benefit from a meditation practice. I believe that beautiful, amazing things happen when we take time to sit with ourselves each and every day. And I believe that the softness this world needs is the softness we each cultivate through loving ourselves more.

And I believe that by sharing my energy around meditation, the people who I reach will undoubtedly be moved into deeper communion with themselves.

For me meditation is about belief. It’s about believing in your innate ability to sit with the stillness inside you. It’s about believing that it has the power to transform you. And it’s about believing in nurturing a relationship with yourself.

If you’d like to shift your beliefs around meditation and reach new levels of softness with self, I invite you to join us. This class is for newbies and seasoned meditators alike, and if you let it, it will crack your heart and your meditation practice wide open.

Finding Stillness

A 7-day online meditation course | April 22-28, 2019

What you’ll receive straight to your inbox over each of the 7 days:

  • A daily lesson about meditation. Think short, straight-forward and thought-provoking. These written teachings will center around your energy and your approach to your meditation practice. Most of the suffering we bring to meditation comes from our thoughts about it and during it. We’ll help you shift those thoughts and release the resistance.

  • A daily meditation mechanics tip. This course largely focuses on energy and beliefs as it relates to meditation, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t help you hone your meditation mechanics along the way. Each day we’ll offer a physical or mental focus for your meditation to help you gain better mastery over your body and sink deeper into the stillness.

  • A daily recorded meditation. This is where the magic happens! You’ll receive a new guided meditation each day to help you embody the teaching and practice a new way of being with yourself. We’ll give you a sampling of styles, from an “I Am” mantra meditation and a body scan chakra meditation to a breath meditation and a loving kindness meditation, plus several more. They’re yours to keep and practice again and again.

  • A daily mini-podcast. We believe that stories are sacred and that shifts happen in a moment. Each day Lacy and I will offer a recorded conversation where we share our experiences as they relate to the day’s theme and our own personal meditation journeys. Think of this as that little something extra from our hearts to yours.

  • A daily meditation resource link. We believe that the best meditation is any meditation, so we’ll be sharing daily links to all our favorite teachers, recordings, apps and schools of thought for learning and practicing meditation. We want you to nurture a practice that works for you, and one of the ways to do that is to experiment with many different modalities.

For now this class is only being offered April 22-28, 2019. Think of it as a one-time showing of your favorite movie, so it’s best to grab your ticket now!

All content will be emailed directly to your inbox and is yours to keep and revisit. So if you’re not able to participate the week of the 22nd, we recommend signing up, receiving the emails and guiding yourself through the course at a later date.

Join us for a week of Finding Stillness. You’re so worth it.