Did I Mention the Beach?

After our gorgeous Sunday on the beach in Sitges about a week ago, we were inspired to wander down to our Barcelona beach on the following Monday. Brian only has classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so when life is one long weekend, why not go for another beach day?

This time we were well-equipped with sarongs, sandwiches, sodas and swimsuits, but the weather wasn't quite as warm as the day before. No pasa nada! We enjoyed the sun and the sights, especially watching more crazy people brave the cold water. I used to be one of those cold-water, crazy swimmers. Madre mia.

The walk from our little piso to the water is probably only like 15 or 20 minutes. Depending on whose setting the pace, that is. I'm kind of more into brisk-get-where-we're-going walks. Brian prefers to saunter. We compromise.  :)  Once we got there the "beach vendors" (that's probably a nice word for it) swarmed us like flies. They watch for the new people to arrive and then try to sell you everything from beers to massages. No gracias. It seemed a little more romantic back in the days of Alicante when the same little guy wandered the beach each day saying one long string of words aguafrescacervezacocacola....

There were absolutely no waves, which made for good paddle boarding. It was crazy to see the difference from just a few weeks ago when we were here and the storm blew in all those huge waves that the surfers were capitalizing on. Sicky, sicky, gnar, gnar Barcelona style.  ;)

We think these people were Italian. We really have no clue, but they seemed to be lively and fun loving and I thought I caught a few Italian words here and there. There was a large group of them and it was just these three that swam. The girl stripped down to her swimsuit first and one of the guys picked her up and threw her in, getting his jeans all wet and sandy in the process. Which really wouldn't have been that big a deal except that he was one of the ones who swam, and he had no warm, dry clothes when he got out of the 55 degree mar.

I'd like to point out that she's the only one giving it a good lap or two out there. The guys were pretty hilarious with their aversion to getting in past their twig and berries. And after they got out, the two guys ran a few times up and down the beach to warm up.

Beach days for us seem to require lots of layers. We were prepared with swimsuits, tank tops, long sleeve tops, scarves and coats. And I think we walked through every step of peeling and covering throughout the afternoon. The warmth only sticks around for an hour or two and then...hace frio!

Lying on our Costa Rican sarongs in the Spanish sun. Perfect!!

The little neighborhood that borders the beach is called Barceloneta....literally little Barcelona. I love how you just add an 'ito' or 'eta' to mean little. Like little kisses...besitos. Brian also learned in Spanish class that there word equivalent to our playing footsies or being touchy-feely is 'manitos' which means literally means little hands.

I cannot wait to get out on a sailboat on the Med!!! It's on the itinerary for when Tina arrives next week.  Ahhh!!!! Next week!!!!

Another favorite self-portrait. See the scarf? Bundle and peel. Peel and bundle. My sister tried to teach me this art when I would visit her on business trips to the Bay Area in California, but I don't think I really got it until living here. It kind of requires a large handbag.

That's it!  Another fun day of lazing among the beauty and enjoying the tranquilo life.  I promise the pics from this past weekend on the little island of Mallorca are coming soon!