The Spiritual Practice That is a Complete Game Changer

Are you actively communicating with the Divine? Your highest self? That whisper that lives in your heart? When you are in communication with anyone in your life it means that you're doing three things.

  1. You're sending information to them.
  2. You're receiving information from them.
  3. You're holding space for that sending and receiving. 

This is the essence, as well, of a full and hearty spiritual practice. Sending information about your desires and delights through gratitude. Receiving guidance and inspiration in the form of signs, nudges and miracles through awareness. And holding a great big space in the Unknown for it all to occur via meditation. 

While practices of gratitude and meditation get much of the attention, the practice of awareness can seem a bit elusive. In a world where attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter and more and more information is pummeled at us in each moment, how does one clear the airwaves enough to hear the important messages? What does it mean to open yourself to the Divine and where will the messages come from?

This is a practice I have come to call Spiritual Listening. It is the opening of yourself to the broad strokes of essence, to the minute lines of sweet detail, and to the vast spaces in between. When you are able to truly hear the call of your heart and your Source, you become the sole audience member in a Universe-wide symphony aimed solely at pleasing your senses. You see color and form and light as gifts made just for you, and suddenly every sound, every sight, every smell becomes a delicious morsel seemingly created just for your delight. 

For me, Spiritual Listening was birthed and nurtured through my meditation practice. Meditation continually brings me into a space of silence and surrender where I begin to truly understand what it means to be present in my life. What it means to hear words as they come from someone's mouth instead of thinking about the words.  What it means to taste a delicious bite on my tongue instead of processing what it tastes like. What it means to savor a beautiful vista instead of mentally analyzing the view.

When you are present in this way, you can experience your life real-time, and suddenly the whole view comes into greater focus. It's as if you were living life on an old squiggly black and white television, and now everything has come into super high definition. When this happens, your every sense is heightened. Nuance no longer evades you. Details no longer fly right past you. Subtleties no longer miss you. And when you are doing, being and feeling from this platform, the clarity becomes overwhelming.

How does this differ from mindfulness? In my view it is a beautiful, blooming branch of mindfulness. What I described above is indeed the experience of bringing yourself mindfully into the present moment, but what I have experienced beyond that is this purposeful influx of information that comes just a millisecond after that moment. It is a misnomer, of course, to say that it comes "after" the present moment because we are always in the infinite, generous present moment, but that is the best way I can describe it. 

Just when I feel that rush of energy release that tells me I'm squarely in this magnificent moment, the floodgates to the Divine open, and suddenly everything comes at me in perfectly organized sacred messages. I understand everything. I see the path perfectly. I feel nudged lovingly. And I just know that I know that I know. This is what it's like for me when I do Angel Readings. I find the sweet spot of the present moment (usually through meditation), and then the clarity pours through me in beautiful waves of images, sensations and effortless thoughts. 

It is only recently that I have begun to become more methodical and at the same time completely liberated with this practice in my personal journey. I first discovered the ability to receive these "downloads" through the readings and wasn't utilizing it for my own guidance. I hadn't yet grasped that if I could do it for others, why wouldn't I ask the same of the Divine for me? In the past few months, I have begun this practice, and the closeness I feel with my Creator is truly magical. I have never felt so seen, so supported and so guided in my entire life. 

It has been the most unexpected of gifts along this completely magical journey, and I am seeing life through a new lens yet again. I am being told over and over again by the other side that this gift is not unique to me but accessible by us all, and I realize now that the Divine wants to bestow this information upon us. After all, the Divine is only love, and love only wants what is for your highest good. It has been our own beliefs all along that have kept us from this communion. 

The lesson? Ask for what you desire. Scream to the heavens with your heart and voice. Shoot love and gratitude and peace and openness from your big beautiful beingness. And then expect miracles. You have to first be willing to listen if you truly want to hear. 

And don't forget to meditate. ;) Every damn day.