A Chilly Greek Monday

After a sun-drenched weekend, we were only slightly disheartened to wake up to a cold, damp Monday in Greece. I was at least ironically happy to see that my theory holds true: Mondays suck everywhere, even in paradise.

But we didn't let a cold day keep us down for long! Brian and I had become experts in chilly-weather fun in Barcelona, so Corfu was no match for us.

My one request for our time in Greece was to rent a motorboat and toodle around to beautiful beaches only reachable by sea.

So we went here to rent a boat in Paleokastritsas, only to find that motorboats are rented by the day and it was already midday by then. And to come to our senses and realize that motorboating would mean going very fast, which would probably equal even chillier. No thank you. We'll see you another day motorboat.

The Androniki - Day 2

Well, ugh! Blogger has eaten this blog post, and all the text I wrote is no where to be found. Soooo, this tired, tanned Greek goddess is just going to settle for a photo post. I'm sure you can get the picture. Sun, fun, sailboating, swimming, drinking, laughing, enjoying...

Welcome to our Sunday Funday on the Androniki!! 

We didn't think it was possible but Day 2 was even more beautiful than Day 1....


After 26 hours of travel with only a couple hours of airplane sleep sprinkled in, we all made it to Corfu, Greece! Poor Amanda and Toby were rerouted due to flight delays and their luggage didn't quite make it on vacation with them, but at least all four of our happy little heads were accounted for.

We had quite the flight itinerary...Austin to Chicago to London to Athens to Corfu.  We didn't get to travel on the same airline as Amanda and Toby since we bought our flight at the last minute due to our quick trip back to the States. But we were all at least able to plan the Athens to Corfu leg together. This is all of us deplaning in Corfu. Vacay!!!