California Hikin'

After a morning full-o-yoga on Saturday, we took advantage of the cool California temps and set out to enjoy some of God's green earth at Castle Rock State Park. Lacy and Cliff have really gotten into hiking recently, and Lace was eager to share their new love with me.

So we zoomed off from the yoga studio in the little Smart Car and met Cliff at the park. I love riding in the Smart Car. I always feel the need to giggle and beep my horn.

See that nature behind me? I'm about to be all up in that. My husband would be oh-so-proud. And yes, I'm wearing my yoga clothes still. I figured, eh, why change? Needless to say I was one of the most brightly attired people on the trail. Oh yes, and with the tightest spandex on.

 Watch out Castle Rock! Here we come...

We decided on the Saratoga Gap trail. I was of course wanting to know all the details. How long is it? What are we going to see? Are there bathrooms? (Ha!)

Lacy and Cliff's answers... No clue how long it is. We'll walk until we feel like turning around. And we're going to see a lot of trees. And no, stupid, there are no bathrooms.

Okey dokey!

Guess what we saw? Lot's of cool stuff!! Like these rocks that Lacy felt I needed to climb...which I begrudgingly did. And then promptly realized how much fun climbing rocks is!

The view from the third wheel.  Just kidding, I always have a blast with Lacy and Cliff. But I was wishing Brian was here. He would have LOVED this hike and I think he would have been even more amused at me doing it.

Hello heaven! Well, actually it's Monterrey Bay out there to the top left where you can see water. Felt like heaven.

Let it be noted that we are friendly, helpful hikers. We passed this group of friends hiking together and I said "Look! How cute that is with them all sunning on that rock. They should have a photo of that!" So Lacy marched up to them, asked if anyone had a camera and took their happy little photo while I took her photo taking their photo.

Lacy and I used to love blowing on dandelions as children. Every time we see one we think of each other. So of course she couldn't resist!

Hello from the trail! Lacy carried the Camel Back for the group and we'd all yell out when we needed a drink and she'd have to stop and cozy up to us so we could access the straw. Except you kind of have to bite it before you drink, so Lacy would check in every so often and say "Does anyone need to bite me?" It was both hilarious and endearing that she cared about our hydration.

This week has been all about love. Loving each other. Loving ourselves. And loving that we got this time together. All you need is love! (cue The Beatles)

On our way back, the sunbathers had left the rock, so we took our own little photo shoot. 

Sisters!  <3

We ended up hiking 5 miles. Hooray us! And I felt every mile of that. On top of the TWO yoga classes that morning, I had a feeling I was going to be ridiculously sore. And I was right. But it was oh-so-fun in the process!

I love sunny beautiful California! And I love it even more with Lacy and Cliff!!