California Beachin'

I am basking in the glow of my big sister for the week, and it has been such a fabulous, cleansing, rejuvenating, joyful visit so far. (Can I think of anymore uplifting adjectives?)  I arrived Wednesday and have already had quite the adventurous visit. From the beach in Capitola and flying yoga at Breathe to an impromptu giggling run across the street to the movies and a hike on Castle Rock, we are definitely living in the moment.

Here are a few highlights from our beach trip yesterday....

What are big sisters for? Teaching little sisters of course. Here Lace is teaching me the art of the pina colada. I have never seen someone so giddy about a pina colada. I have to admit it was a great lesson, but I did have to take it twice to get the full gist.  ;)

The weather here is UNBELIEVABLE...well, at least for a Texas gal who hasn't seen a day below 100 degrees in a while. It was probably 75 degrees and a wee bit chilly when the sun went behind the clouds. It reminds me of so many sunny days spent on the Barcelona beach in the cool Spanish breeze with Brian.

Zelda's (pictured above) is where we enjoyed our seaside libations and nibbles. There were a handful of kids playing just on the beach next to our table who had an absolute adoration for a dog named Caleb. Needless to say I thought 8-year-olds were calling my name all afternoon. But at least it was all "you're so sweet" and "oh, yes, good job Caleb" and whatnot. I felt encouraged and loved.

It looks like a mini Barceloneta, right?!

The beach was beyond packed when we arrived, but as the afternoon wore on all the moms and dads packed up their broods. It was at this point that we learned oh-so-much about the beach. As worn down parents fruitlessly tried to herd their offspring we heard the yelling refrains of so many new beach lessons.

Apparently the beach is NOT for sticking your face in the sand. It is most certainly NOT about mom carrying everything. And in case I hadn't mentioned it, sand is NOT for your eyes. It was probably one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but we could NOT stop hysterically laughing. 

Some of the rogue children in the background behind Cliff and Lacy. As you can see, they are appropriately weighted down with beach crap because mom was NOT going to carry everything.

Enjoying the sunshine and the brisk ocean breeze. I was wrapped up in that towel by the time we decided to call it.

Angel trumpets!!!

Another Lacy lesson for the little sis. These berries will apparently not kill you. Hopefully. Because she made me eat one.

Just another happy Friday at the beach! Today we spent our Saturday afternoon hiking, and I'm too exhausted to say much more than that. Photos to come!