Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: Yes, Please!

OMG, I have been soooo excited to finally blog about my and Brian's experience at the Joe Dispenza Progressive Workshop last weekend, but I've been too busy meditating!! Haha!! Seriously though, I have.

Here's the short version for those of you that want to get right to the point.

Want to change your life? Tired of looping through the same predictable future with the same problems and the same woes and the same complaints? Wish you had more money, a better body, more happiness, better relationships?

Then stop focusing on all that negativity and change. Make a decision. Commit to yourself. And just freaking do it.

And when you've made that really, really made it...then Dr. Joe (and I) can show you how...

How crazy amazing things can start happening. How miracles can start flooding into your life. How you can literally lose your mind and get the new one that goes with your big-ass, amaze-balls dreams.


There is a science to changing your life. There is a formula for attracting what you want in life. There is a secret to manifesting miracles.

And it begins with understanding how your mind works, getting out of your head and into the realm of possibility, and living in the feeling place of all your wildest dreams.

For anyone that's read anything from all of the self-help masters, this comes as no surprise. You're like "Law of Attraction...we get it." And yes, you're right. But here's where Dr. Joe changed the game for me.

With certainty and love and firm determination he looked me in the eyes and said,

Your body is your servant. Master it.

Most of us are using about 5% of our conscious brain on any given day. We are totally in our subconscious, doing the same routines that have become so ingrained in our mind that our body has taken over. Our body has become our brain, and the energy it is emitting on your behalf is giving you, well, more of the same.

So it is your job to wake your body up. To free your mind from your body. To uncover the energy blocks, clear the limiting beliefs, and emit the frequency YOU want to create in your life.

We are not victims. We are not powerless. We have just gotten so used to running on autopilot that it seems that way.

So how do you do that?

Forget the past. Stop worrying about the future. Get quiet. And embrace the moment right in front of you.

And how do you do that??!

Meditation my friends. Doing the work. Sitting with yourself and facing the beliefs. Pushing your body to release the old ways and feel the new. Dedication. Commitment. Resolve.

This is not for the wishy-washy. This is not for the indecisive. Do you want to change your life or not?

Because if you really, really, REALLY wanted to change, you'd do it. And if you want to do it, I can show you how.

It's happening right before my eyes. Energy is clearing. My body is becoming lighter. I am living from the 99.999% of my body that is energy instead of the 0.001% that is matter.

And all it has taken is the resolve to make a change... The belief that it can actually happen... The trust in myself to do the work in each moment... And the love for me to make it happen.

If you really believed that you design your destiny with your thoughts, you would never put one foot on the floor each morning without crafting that future.

Dr. Joe said those words to me this past weekend, and it finally clicked. So you know what belief I tackled first? The belief that I really can create what I want in this life.

This is about getting real with yourself and peeling back the layers. Trust me, those layers are paper thin and piled on thick. And so with patience and resolve I am greeting each one as it arises and doing the work in that moment to set it free. Identifying the feeling... Uncovering the thought... Opening my heart wall... Getting in the space of possibility... Releasing the blocked energy... And purposefully laying the new information that I want to create in my energy field.

And then LETTING IT GO and embracing the next moment.

And guess what? It's getting easier and easier and easier. I'm recognizing the blocks quicker, and I'm learning how to dissolve them as they come up.

I am in love with the work, and I am reveling in the lightness I feel to my very core. I celebrate each new belief that bubbles up...especially the ones that I "thought" I'd cleared in the past. And I'm like...

Wooo-hoooo I get to REALLY clear that this time!!!

And just like that...

Psssshht! I'm cleared!!

But it was all about making that decision. Deciding to master my body. Choosing to design my future instead of waiting for more of the same.

If you think you've done the work and your life is still the same, then you haven't done it.

If you're not sure if you have beliefs that need to be cleared, then you do.

If you're skeptical that this can really work, then you're absolutely living in the limitations of your body.

And that's fine. For you. But I've finally decided it's not fine for me anymore.

And so my friends, I am deeply, madly in love with 5am.

I am romanced by the hour I spend in meditation each morning and each night.

I am enchanted by the moment I'm living in at this second.

I'm mesmerized by the breakthroughs that are faithfully coming one after another.

I'm in awe of the miracles occurring each time I release another belief.

I am totally and completely breaking the habit of being myself, and it feels freaking great.