Beach Day

After last Friday's rally car fun and Mexican food hunt, we decided a beach day was in order on Saturday. So we loaded up our sarongs and our water bottles and set out (walking of course!) for the coastline.  I wanted to show Brian the amazing views from the W Hotel (which I had stumbled upon on one of my solo exploration days and spent an afternoon drinking cava and writing), so we headed there first.  It's a looong walk past the port and the seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta, but we're getting accustomed to our long walks and quite fond of them actually!

I think the city of Barcelona is one giant piece of art in and of itself. I love all the random works that dot the streets and beaches, this one included. No idea who built it or what it's supposed to signify, if anything, but it makes for a nice photo.

Recognize it? The Sagrada Familia!

You can kind of see another sand sculpture in the bottom right of this photo. I didn't have any more change and didn't want to be one of "those people" that takes a picture without tipping...but it was really cool! Big dragon with real fire coming out of his eyes and mouth.  I also love this pic because of that bird flying into the shot.  It was quite the photo-worthy day.

Brian and I are really looking forward to taking a sailing tour while we're here! Our friend Tina is coming to visit in a few weeks, and we're hoping for good weather while she's here so we can all do it together. A rather big storm rolled in towards sunset and I worried about these little people bobbing out there in the waves.  :)

Can you see the rainbow?! It was so BEAUTIFUL! Poetic really. 

Surfers dotted the coastline like ants. It was probably 50 degrees outside so I can't imagine how cold the water felt.  We sat on a bench for a while and watched this one colorful Spaniard attempt to surf. He brought his friends with him to watch and then donned a yellow t-shirt over his wetsuit, as he said, so they wouldn't confuse him with the others. He then proceeded to run halfway down the beach and drop in where there were literally no other surfers.  No confusing you down there buddy! It was pretty funny!

Thankfully there is no picture to commemorate this, but the funniest, most bizarre thing happened while walking along the boardwalk. We saw a butt-ass naked 60-year-old (guessing) man. Yep, standing there for God and everyone else to see, holding his swimsuit, taking a SHOWER on the beach in 50 degree weather. He wasn't in a hurry either. After his shower, he proceeded to have a heated 3 minute conversation with a woman on the beach that seemed to be accompanying him, all while his manhood is dangling there in all its old man glory for dozens of passersby to see. I am scarred. Like forever.

I'm starting to realize how few pictures I'm taking of me and Brian, which is fine I guess. But it's just funny. My first time living in Spain all I had were pictures of me and all my friends, and this time around all I have are pictures of the buildings, beaches and vistas.  Maybe I'll try for a little more balance. 

At first it seemed so wrong to have that W Hotel there on the most beautiful stretch of beach, but I have to say it made for some amazing photos. The building reflected all the colors of the sunset in the most magical way that I forgave it for being so tall and American.

Brian has covering himself down to an art at this point. He joked about how cold he still was even though only about 4 square inches of flesh was exposed.

There were so many people out and about just enjoying the beauty of the day.

Another perfect lazy Spanish Saturday! After we beached it for a little while, the rain started to fall and we ducked into a little bar for a couple afternoon beers.  We never ended up using our sarongs, though. It just looked too darn cold on that sand, so we just walked up and down the boardwalk and cozied on a bench along the way.  I could seriously get used to living so close to such a gorgeous beach.  Now if only it were warm!