Back in the USA

We have now been back in the States for about 19 hours, and my heart is so full and my body so weary. We were scheduled to be in Europe another month, but with the very tragic and untimely death of Brian's cousin Colton, we made the decision to come home early and wrap our arms around the ones we love. As Brian said, Italy and Croatia will always be there; our family needs us now.

So here we are. I have already accidentally spoken in Spanish to about 5 confused English speakers. I have already reached for my plug converter twice when trying to use my computer. And I have just realized that we are cell phone-less, homeless, and jobless. No pasa nada.

It's so hard to sum up three months of your life in one blog post, one photo, one thought even. It was the most unforgettable and amazing thing we've ever done together and it was the toughest and most challenging all at the same time.

Once upon a time I left a little piece of my heart in Spain, and I found it this time around, nine years later. I smiled so big when I saw it lying there, just as I had left it on the beach in Alicante. I dusted the sand off, asked it how it had enjoyed its time living in Spain, gave it a big bear hug and then gently put it back right where I found it.

I will forever be overwhelmed with gratitude for these 101 days I was able to spend in España in 2011 with the one I love most in this world. And sitting here with happy tears rolling down my cheeks, I'm both grateful and excited for our great adventure that has come to a close and for whatever great adventure comes next.

Hasta la próximaEspaña. Here's to tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Dana Litersky

Photo credit: Dana Litersky

Photo Credit: Dana Litersky