Another Spanish Day in Photos

Today was my last trial yoga class, and it seriously kicked my butt.  Yoga three days in a row is no joke, especially when you couch that in a 1.7 mile round trip walk.  I had yet a different instructor, and I really enjoyed her style.  My Spanish is getting so much better as well, and I could almost do the whole class without having to look around at my classmates.  Since I had 2 out of 3 good classes, I decided to take the plunge and buy a 12-class punch card.  I figured that was enough commitment to let my little yoga mat spend the weekend among her friends.  It's like Where's Waldo...see her?

This is the reception area of the yoga studio.  I didn't take a photo of it yesterday because I was trying to be all covert.  Since I'm a full-fledged member now, I figured I'd just come out with my shameless photography.  The woman was very nice, and we chatted a bit in Spanish.  Her husband is English and works at the other business school here called IESE.

Another shot of the very small retail space and the curtains that lead into the locker room.  That's where my mat is tucked away safe and sound.

I've gotten into the very bad habit of stopping by the rebajas on the way home from yoga.  Everyone looks at me kind of crazy because I'm always wearing my yoga clothes, and people do NOT go out on the street here looking scrubby.  I don't even look scrubby, by the way.  I have the cutest slip on Vans with my Lululemon yoga pants and hip Nike zip-up jacket, but it is apparently not good enough for these people.  These people who wear Beverly Hills 90210 shirts!  Ha!  Talk about style issues.

When Brian got home from school today we took a stroll down to the Parc Ciutadella to take in the sights and enjoy a cafe con leche.  This is the Arc de Triomf at the entrance to the park.  We didn't wander down too far, saving that for another day.

The paseo in the park.

The view through the arc towards the mountains.

These cool gargoyle things lined the wall of the park.  Brian liked the snails at the top of the disc.

Enjoying yet another cafe con leche.  This time at a new place - Rincon de Galicia.

We stumbled upon a convent on our way back from the park, and I fell in love with this window.  The colors were so amazing, and I loved the ornate decoration on the ceiling inside the building.

The plaza area inside the convent.  There is a bar/restaurant just inside called Bar de Convent.  How descriptive, right?  Brian wants to come back and enjoy a cafe con leche here.  There was a very calm, serene vibe to the place.

The passage way into the convent plaza.  You can see my window in the distance.

We liked this apartment building.  Each place is so quaint and unique in its own way.  We have really loved wandering the streets and checking out all the terraces and buildings.

The motos line the narrow streets.  I loved this view as the sun started to set.  Everything seemed to glow.

Another fabulous Spanish door.  We have seen a lot of giant doors like these with the secret, small doors embedded.  Just beyond this passage was a mammoth museum.  It was super bizarre and out of place.

This is our market - Mercat Santa Caterina.  I went earlier in the week, but Brian had yet to see it open, so we ventured inside.  Not all the stalls were open, but we still got to see a few vendors.

Queso.  Y mas queso.  Heaven.

It's such a beautiful building in its own right.  I love the wooden slatted ceiling against the bright, colorful fruit and veggie stands.

Brian and I were both drawn to this stall.  It is where I bought my cheese earlier in the week, and we picked up a bottle of wine tonight which was just over 3 euro.  The cheap Spanish wine has been delicious so far.

The meat man!  Not sure what that is hanging but I'm guessing pig?

Frutos secos are dried fruits.  This little nut and dried fruit stand had everything you could imagine!

Mas carne

(more meat).  This time with



We finally got the key to the roof from the landlady!!!  So when Brian and I got back from our sunset stroll, we decided to check out the terrace.  Now I see why she didn't want us to have the key.  It's just a shame not to get to hang out up here and enjoy the incredible views.  I'm going to hang my laundry very slooooowly when I'm up here.  And I might have to start taking up multi-tasking, like maybe drinking a glass of wine, enjoying the view, and hanging up the laundry.  I think as long as I can fit in the laundry, I'm not technically breaking the rules.  ;)

Sunset over the rooftops of Sant Pere, Barcelona.

The grated door just to the right of the clothes is where you get onto the roof.  It's such a waste of fabulous, beautiful space not to have couches and a grill up here.  

To add insult to injury, Brian and I could see other rooftop terraces that looked loved and appreciated.  They were overflowing with comfy patio furniture, loved plants, screened in areas and grills.  Sigh.

We're off to the ESADE dinner tonight to make friends and enjoy the Spanish nightlife!  Dinner starts at 8:30pm and is really close to our little piso.  Afterwards, I think the group is moving a few blocks over for the ESADE version of "Think and Drink".  How funny that even in Spain, MBAs do the same weekly happy hour on Thursday just like the MBAs in the states.

Hasta manana!