Ahoy! Aboard the Androniki - Day 1

Well, I must say, life is tough. Amanda's aunt and uncle absolutely twisted our arms and FORCED us to go out on their sailboat on Saturday....

So off we went from the marina for the beautiful Ionian Sea, part of the Mediterranean. Corfu is a member of the Ionian Islands, and I am absolutely, positively in love with this little corner of the world.

Toby was so excited that he had to plaster himself to the front of the boat in his newly purchased Speedo. Classic.

The boat is named the Androniki, and Amanda and I were more than happy to perch our cute little selves upon the deck to soak up the sun. The weather here is still a bit cool...70s by day and 50s by night. 

But we are on vacay! And we are bound and determined to get a little Greek tan going. So off with the cover-ups and into our swimsuits! When in Rome...ahem, Greece.

Sailing is a way of life around these parts, and it was so fun to see all the other sailboats out on the water. You fly the flag where your boat is registered on the back and the flag of whoever is on-board up top. Lots of Greek boats with British sailors.

Amanda's Aunt Theda is the most incredible and gracious hostess. She and her husband Christos are the ultimate Greek sailors and know the #1 rule to having a great time in Greece...Ouzo! Aunt Theda poured everyone a little toddy of this local spirit to get the sailing adventure started.

Dear Lake Austin, we miss you, but you would NOT believe the beauty here in Corfu!!

We sailed from Corfu Town (the biggest city in Corfu) along the coast to the north. This is the route that Aunt Theda and Uncle Christos sail when they have clients on the boat. It's usually a bit warmer, so they tend to stop more for swimming.

But like I said, we're in Greece for just 10 days...

This May weather isn't going to keep us from the sea!

And of course the boys were the first to dive in once we docked during lunchtime. We kept meaning to look up the water temperature before we left the house for the marina but we forgot.

In hindsight, I think it was probably better that way...

Their faces were absolutely priceless when they popped up above water. Toby immediately shouted out a grito and started swimming for the boat.

Cold boys?

I'm a wee bit competitive and couldn't be outdone. Plus, I couldn't live with myself if I left Greece and didn't get in the water.

So I grabbed a raft and jumped in.

I haven't felt cold like that since my carefree skinny-dipping days in Alicante in Februrary or March of 2002. Cold is an absolute understatement for this water. Try frigid!

We paddled our way over to the beach and balanced in the tide on the rocky beach. I think my face tells the story. Ay chihuahua. 

We kept looking for the ever-elusive "warm pockets" while we all made our way back to the boat.

Where Amanda and her cute smile and warm towels were waiting....

True friendship, right? Who else would have handed my Speedo-clad husband a warm towel while he hosed off?

Our little American flag!!! We've decided that we absolutely must send Aunt Theda and Uncle Christos a Texas flag for the boat.

After all, we're a whole 'nother country, right?

After that chilly water, the sunshine felt just right! Does it get much better than this?

After we motored up the coast, it was time to open the sails and truly sail home.

This was my first time sailing and I was blown away by the amount of work it takes to actually sail. Theda and Christos were quite the dynamic duo manning this amazing vessel.

The Floyds! We're on a boat! In Greece! Claro!!!

With the O'Jibways of course!

When the sails are a-flying, you have to stay in the back of the boat to protect your happy little head. So us girls headed down to the cabin while the boys manned the ropes.

A favorite drink in Greece is the "frappe". The Spaniards have their cafe con leche. We Americans have our lattes. And the Greeks have their frappes.

It hit the spot in the chilly wind headed home.

My newly coffee-loving husband was of course a big fan and slurped up one in mere seconds before asking Aunt Theda for another. She immediately taught me to make them! Lol!

Headed home...

I can't even begin to explain how amazing of a day it was at sea. We are water-lovers at heart, and I'm not sure it gets much better than sailing off the coast of a Greek island with your husband and your best friend.

We had sailed north on Saturday, and we were set to sail south on Sunday...