A Greek Road Trip - Day 1

The island of Corfu, Greece is only 40 miles long and 20 miles across at its widest point. Completely doable for a roadtrip around the island in the little Fiat Punto.

So on Tuesday, May 10, we set out for a little two-day adventure. First stop Agios Issos by Lake Korission where part of a Bond movie was supposedly filmed.

The Ionian Sea was of course beautiful as always...

The lake? Eh. We could take it or leave it. The boys had more fun climbing the big rocky dunes than they did looking at the lake. You can kind of see it behind them. It looked like a lake.

We have yet to figure out the mystery of these little churches below. They dotted the roadside on our entire trip, so much so that I had decisively declared they simply MUST be mailboxes.

Laughable, I know.

But lo and behold, we finally saw one with a lit candle inside and a few other items that looked like a photo and a folded piece of paper. Some sort of vigil to a Saint or a loved one? Dunno...

Toby loves turning off on tiny roads "just to see what we find" and one such find was this hidden little taverna: Sunset Taverna.

Most of the tavernas also double as someone's home, and seeing as we were still about a week shy of the "official" season starting for tourists, many were pretty well empty, if not closed. So when you pull into the driveway, it's kind of oddly like just pulling up to someone's house that you don't know and barging in and demanding a drink. Lol. Luckily, these people were pretty nice about it.

The owners were a young couple, probably in their 30s, who at first thought we were their beer reps come to take their order for the season. When we assured them that no, we were just thirsty Americans, they had a good laugh and busied themselves getting us equipped for a nice time at a private beach nearby.

The owner packed us a bag with four Greek beers (Fix brand) along with a bar-key and gave us directions to a gorgeous beach just down the way...

Stay on the PAVED road (very important detail) past the church....

Keep going at the marina...


Deserted beach-hopping is my and Brian's new all-time favorite hobby since living in Spain. This beauty was almost at the southernmost-tip of Corfu island.

We girls of course took no time finding a spot to sun and take in the view. While the boys skipped rocks (claro)...

And Toby tried his hand at makeshift spearfishing.


No, he didn't catch anything.  But he provided great entertainment for Amanda and I while we tanned.

After a bit we loaded back into the Punto, headed back up the mountain to return our bottles to our new friend and set out for the next beach.

Toby was absolutely wonderful about stopping at my every whim to take a photo. We all about died when we saw this one-legged rooster along our journey! Turns out he's just a yogi Rooster doing tree pose. Still pretty funny.

Our route began by cutting straight across the island from Corfu town to the lake, then south. We had planned to spend one night on the southern tip of the island and the next night on the northern side, but we weren't feeling it on the southside. Beautiful as it was, no one little village was calling our name.

So onward and upward! Well, northward. 

Happy little Greek heads...

Amanda was on a mission to pick fresh fruit from all the citrus trees. She had successfully plucked an orange the day before, and was out for a lemon this day.

Her only problem? She's a little bit vertically-challenged, and Brian had to come to the rescue. Sorry, Amanda, we'll still give you credit for picking it.  ;)

One thing to remember when driving in Corfu?

Absolutely, positively NO honking!

These signs randomly dotted some of the smaller villages we traversed, and we cracked up laughing every time. And yes, we often gave a celebratory honk at encountering another sign. Rebels.

The national drink of Greece is the Frappe. Correctly pronounced: frap-pay. Toby pronounced: frap-pee.

It's basically a frothy instant coffee served on ice with milk and sugar. Toby was pretty much ADDICTED to them after his first taste on the Androniki on day one, and he probably suggested a "frappe stop" at least 20 times a day. We tried to oblige him every 10th time or so.

Which is how we found this gorgeous gem of a spot. Headed north on the east side of the island, we stopped for a frappe at a seaside restaurant with this fabulous rustic pier.

Say Frappe!!

I don't think we got 5 miles down the road when Toby decided we needed another frappy :)

So we deferred to the driver and let him twist our arms into another delicious frothy coffee and another seaside spot.

Don't forget...NO honking!

After a full day of impromptu stops and hidden beaches, we arrived in Kassiopi, a quaint village at the north of the island.

We drove around and around looking for a place to stay and thought we had found the perfect ocean-view spot. But lo and behold they needed one more week to prepare the rooms. Claro.

Amanda used her best sales skills to tell them about all the cold hard cash we had if they wanted to just scamper on in and fix us up a couple rooms, but there is no rushing the Greeks. So we settled on the only open hotel in the town (not ocean view, but walking distance at least).

Once we had a spot secured for the night, we headed down to yet another secluded beach to catch another amazing Greek sunset.

Brian and I threw rocks and marveled at this crazy wonderful life that is ours...

And Amanda and Toby made a new friend.  :)

It was the perfect end to yet another fun-filled day!

Wednesday we would tour the north side of the island...