A culmination of years of mystical study, The Wand is a practical guide to living a mindful, magical life connected to the power within. 

Your Spellbook Awaits

The Wand is a monthly subscription program packed with information and guidance to help you connect to your inner mystic and feel better in your life. The power you're seeking is already at your fingertips, and the real magic is in believing in your innate ability to create. Master belief, and the rest is simply play. The Wand will make you a believer. 


When Kayla talks, I listen. She is divinely connected and her energy and spirit are authentic, honest, and raw. She lives what she teaches and truly embodies that which she believes. Kayla has a beautiful way of telling stories and sharing lessons that will simultaneously make you laugh and cry and in the end, you wind up more deeply connected to yourself.
— Ali Schaffer, Tennessee

What You'll Receive

A monthly virtual toolkit delivered to your inbox the third Thursday of each month. You can expect the following content:

  • Conjuring with Crystals features a unique crystal each month. You will learn the mystical properties for the stone as well as how to use it in your everyday life. 
  • Magic through Meditation is a downloadable, guided meditation to help you tap into your inner mystic. New each month, the meditation is yours to keep for your listening and conjuring pleasure!
  • Experiments with Energy will guide you step-by-step through exercises and teachings about your energy body including in-depth info on the chakras, the aura and moving energy. 
  • Witchy Words are personal anecdotes from my own life and experience, or inspirational videos and guidance that is currently inspiring me. Sometimes funny, sometimes mystical, sometimes teaching, these stories are as fantastical as they are fun and are meant to inspire and entertain.
  • Bonus Content as it fits in each month. This may include inspiring talks from mystical teachers, oracle cards for guidance, witchy rituals to support your spiritual growth, or whatever other goodness is begging to be shared.

Kayla is a true spiritual developer, a great master of mysticism and a truly divine spiritual being. She has helped me discover, bring forth and own my own witchiness and has shown me how developing my intuition has helped me manifest and receive gifts from the universe. Kayla is a true Soul Mother and healer and because of her I am stronger, wiser and at peace with my place in the Universe.
— Karen Bartlett, California


Who is The Wand for?

The Wand is a way to nurture and support the mystic within you. It is the real-life information that informs my own mystical life and it's where I teach the practices and tools I use every day. It is a fun and inspiring way to grow your spiritual practice and learn more about the unseen. The information in The Wand fits every person regardless of religious belief or mystical experience. This is about energy, and we are all made of energy. While my work and services are often geared toward witchy women, all willing souls are welcome to partake in the magic, no matter which gender you identify with. This is about communing with the Divine feminine within us all. 

Subscribe to The Wand

The Wand is $23 per month and is delivered the Third Thursday of each month. You can stop at any time with an email to me (kayla@kaylafloyd.com) at least 24 hours before the next issue is set to go out. Easy peesy lizard squeezy. (There are no refunds once an issue has been sent.)

Also, be sure to join our circle for one free issue of the The Wand delivered to your inbox today! 

Try it For a Month

Want to try The Wand for a month before subscribing? Or maybe you're looking for a specific topic to soothe the soul and maximize the magic? Check out a la carte issues of The Wand and meditation downloads in the shop!

NOTE: Meditations are included in The Wand and also sold a la carte in the shop. Meditations are dated corresponding to their issue of The Wand. If you purchase a single month edition of The Wand, the mediation with that same date will already be included and does not need to be purchased separately.