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After our work I felt clear and knew exactly what actions I needed to take next. Kayla’s guidance gave me comfort that I was on the right path and the decisions I was making were the right ones.”
— Lisa Phelps, Colorado


The Wand

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The Wand is a mystical toolkit packed with information and guidance to help you empower your inner witch and feel better in your life. A culmination of years of mystical study, The Wand is the witchy woman's practical guide to living a mindful, magical life connected to the power within. 

Each issue includes information about a crystal of focus, a guided meditation, tips and teachings on understanding and moving energy, a personal mystical story from me as well as any applicable bonus content. It's a virtual, feel-good spell book just for you!

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Claim Your Inner Mystic is a FREE 7-day challenge to deepen your spiritual practice through meditation, crystals, oracle cards and more.  I’ve taken the highlights of my spiritual lessons over the past decade and converted those into 7 days of easy prompts and fun activities to get you well on your way to unlocking the connected, spiritual mystic right there inside of you.

You’ll join others just like you as we look at our beliefs, learn about the fundamentals of meditation, and gain basic knowledge on how to use mystical tools like crystals and oracle cards for energetic support and guidance. Sign up today and activate magic in your everyday life!

October 14-21, 2017 Enrolling Now

Join us (Kayla + sister Lacy Young) in the majestic Granada, Spain for the transformative Hearts on Fire Retreat!

This retreat experience will be unlike any other. With a heavy emphasis on igniting the fire in our hearts and lives, we will combine the sanctity of the circle and the power of meditation with the exotic blend of cultures in beautiful Granada.

Our time together will include a week of meditation and heart-centered soul work along with consciously prepared vegetarian meals and group excursions. Expect to leave wildly inspired and "en fuego por la vida" (on fire for life)!