Written Angel Reading


Written Angel Reading


IMPORTANT: There is currently a waitlist on Angel Readings. If you purchase one, please note that it may take 4-6 weeks to receive it, not the usual 7-10 days.

Thanks so much for being here! To purchase a written reading please follow these three steps in order:

  1. Read through the information about Written Angel Readings below to ensure you are clear on what to expect from the reading and the time it takes to receive them.

  2. Once you've read the information about Written Angel Readings, please pay for your reading right here on this page using the button below.

  3. Fill out this Reading Preparation form. (Important: The 7-10 day window for completing readings begins after I receive your completed reading preparation form.)

If you have any questions, you can email me here. I look forward to working with you!

What are Written Angel Readings?

Written Readings are loving and uplifting messages channelled through me for you from your departed loved ones, angels and guides. The actual reading is an extensive report that I send to you compiling all the messages I hear and see during my time communing with “your people.”

You don't have to have had anyone dear to you pass away in your life to receive a meaningful reading. We all have angels and guides watching over us that are actually not related to us at all (in the earthly sense), and many times they are the ones delivering the messages. The messages are channeled to me as a single current of energy, and most often the specific entity delivering the message will not be identified in a linear way.

The reading is done remotely, meaning I do it on my own time by tapping into your energy. Once you purchase a reading, I will notify you of the date you can expect to receive it emailed to you.

Who should get an Angel Reading?

Anyone wanting guidance, encouragement or clarity on what comes next in their life who is open to the Divine. I especially love reading for spiritual, heart-centered people who believe in serendipity, miracles and the energetic nature of our Universe. I can't express enough what a loving and magical process this is. Again and again I have watched as people have been deeply moved and greatly expanded by the words delivered to them through these readings, and I continue to be in awe of the beauty of this process.

What can I expect to learn from the reading?

I’ve seen everything from career, love and health advice to messages of compassion and forgiveness. It really depends on you and what you’re going through in your life at the moment. People on the other side mostly want us to know that we’re not alone, that they see us and that they watch over and care for us. Sometimes the messages are very general, and other times they are extremely specific. It all really depends on you and what your heart most needs to hear. This is an exercise in surrender and opening yourself to the magic and gifts the other side wishes to bestow.

How do you connect with the spirits sending the messages?

You can read a detailed description of my process here: Everything You've Been Wanting to Know about Angel Readings, Talking to Dead People and My Psychic Gifts

Currently I utilize meditation and various tarot and oracle cards depending on how I am led, but my process is always evolving. It is a gift I have had my entire life and have honed specifically in this way in the past few years.

How long does it take to receive my reading?

Readings are usually emailed to you within 7-10 days of purchase, although depending on holidays and the number of people in the queue ahead of you, it may be more. It is a time- and energy-intensive process for me, and I will only conduct your reading at the optimal time for connecting with the other side. I will communicate with you via email upon receiving your order and give you an idea of when to expect your reading. Infrequently I may have to reschedule or push back your reading after confirming the date, and I will keep you abreast of those changes as well. Everything is always perfect, and I operate under divine timing.

How much does it cost?

Readings cost $270. You may purchase as many as you like, and I have many repeat clients, as the angels deliver messages based on your current, ever-changing place in the Universe. All readings are non-refundable.

is there anyone who should not get a reading?

I do not recommend you purchase a reading if you have any reservations about doing it or any doubt about the validity of the process. We are all energetic beings, and you will get the clearest, most helpful responses if your energy is in support of the experience. The most productive readings are those for people who have a clear intention and an open heart and mind.

What else should I know before purchasing a reading?

This is an extremely loving, uplifting process. The document that you will receive is a treasure map into your heart and soul, and I have seen the powerful impact it has had on people again and again. The only key to this whole process is that you be open and willing to receive.

With that being said, it can also be a very emotional experience for some. Be prepared to experience deep energetic shifts and to observe changes in perspective as well. It is not uncommon for it to take several days or more to fully digest the information and assimilate it into your heart and mind.

How do I purchase a reading?

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