The Wand, May 2017, "Kundalini Rising"

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The Wand, May 2017, "Kundalini Rising"


The Wand is a practical monthly guide to living a mindful, magical life connected to the power within.

This edition is dedicated to awakening the sleeping giant coiled at the base of the spine and is entitled "Kundalini Rising" and includes:

1) Experiments with Energy - A detailed description of the kundalini energy and the impacts it has on the body and the spiritual journey.

2) Witchy Words - My own experience with the kundalini rising including the story of the first time it rose as well as a guided inquiry for prepping the self to invoke this energy. 

3) Open the Oracle - A video and oracle spread for helping you discern what blocks in your channel would keep this energy from rising. 

4) Conjuring with Crystals - Three of my favorite crystals for moving energetic mountains including a crystal for channeling, one for out-of-body experiences and another for total transformation. 

5) Magic through Meditation - Three tracks for ascending this energy in the body including a 4-minute introduction, a 13-minute kundalini prep meditation for practicing the breath and connecting with the emotional intensity required for the process and finally a 20-minute guided breath-based meditation to invite the rising of the kundalini energy .

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