The Wand, March 2017, "Bringing in the Light"

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The Wand, March 2017, "Bringing in the Light"


The Wand is a practical monthly guide to living a mindful, magical life connected to the power within.

This edition is dedicated to "Bringing in the Light" and includes:

1) Conjuring with Crystals - my favorite energizing, joy-inducing crystal and practical ways to use it;

2) Magic through Meditation - a meditation for "Spreading Your Wings" that was channeled to me from my guardian angels (also available for individual purchase in the shop);

3) Experiments with Energy - a breathing exercise and corresponding inquiry for accessing wisdom from your inner child;

4) Witchy Words - two witchy women who I adore and their inspiring messages;

5) Open the Oracle - wisdom from one of my favorite decks about the energy at the solar plexus.

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