The Wand, July 2017, "Your Magical Brain"

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The Wand, July 2017, "Your Magical Brain"


The Wand is a practical monthly guide to living a mindful, magical life connected to the power within.

This edition takes you on a basic, easy-to-understand journey through the mystical supercomputer that lives in your head - your magical brain! This is hands-down one of my favorite issues of The Wand. Inside you'll find:

1) Witchy Words - a layperson's guide to how your brain works. We talk neural networking, how we can change ingrained habits and what makes you, well, YOU!;

2) Experiments with Energy - a high-level look at brainwaves and what happens in the brain and body when you quiet the mind and find stillness (you'll be STOKED to meditate after you read this);

3) Conjuring with Crystals - the reason crystals matter to me and what their energy can do to augment your meditation practice;

4) Magic Through Meditation - a power-packed Super Brain meditation that walks you through the surefire Presence Meditation formula and helps you open your focus, receive information through your energy body and ultimately connect with a desired future;

5) A Tribute - a few words about my departed friend Justine Ruszczyk Damond and one of her video teachings on your magical brain; 

6) Wee Witchy Wisdom - one of my absolute favorite videos of my guru Chloe and a sweet reminder of who you really are.

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