spirit wants you to know how loved you are.

One of my favorite things about the spiritual life is the constant communication we receive from the Divine. Whether it is the small synchronicities that bring a smile to our faces, the moments of natural beauty that take our breath away or the whispered words laid on our hearts, the Universe is perpetually trying to show us how connected we actually are. The magic happens when we pause to acknowledge the messages all around us. 

What if everything truly was a wink from the other side?

What if there was guidance for each of us sitting in plain sight?

What if the answers you seek are right within your own energy field?

Readings are a way to access the messages your heart most needs to hear. 

When we do a reading together, I tap into the energy in and around your body to access the messages your angels, spirits and guides most want you to hear. Through meditation and drawing oracle cards, we are given a snapshot of your energy signature at this moment and where your energetic trajectory is taking you. You can ask whatever questions you like, and the angels will offer their advice, paying special attention to helping you understand how to better align with your higher self and how to gently recalibrate back to love. 

The best part is that you can always change your energetic trajectory. You aren't stuck with some energetic destiny sentencing you to a life of doom and gloom. You always have a choice, and the guidance you receive in your reading helps you to make the most loving choice for you. More than anything my clients leave their readings describing a feeling of lightness. Their faces are shinier, their smiles are bigger, and they feel seen and heard in a deeply meaningful way. 

you'll know if you're being called. 

You know who you are. Magical, powerful, beautiful you.

You're on an open-hearted soul journey. You've been calling on Spirit to show you that you're pointed in the right direction, and somehow you ended up right here reading this. 

You have specific questions, you believe the Universe talks back, and you just need someone to channel the answers. Maybe you've been feeling stuck and could use a new perspective. Maybe you just need to feel that rush of peace that floods your body when you sense Spirit is near. 

Maybe you've even had readings in the past. You've pulled cards. You've played with crystals.  And you know when you know that it's time to do it again, that it's time to feed your soul. You're in love with the mystical and with connecting with other spiritual people, and you have that topsy turvy feeling in your stomach that this is right for you.

You're a believer, a dreamer. You're the one who clings to hope even when you're sobbing on the floor because even in your darkest moment you remember that spark. That tiny spot of light. 

You're a light-seeker. A light-worker. You are the light. 

And we're going to help you remember. 

When you're ready to receive

Together we will meet face-to-face on Skype or FaceTime and work through your questions and curiosities. Using multiple oracle decks and a variety of crystals, I remotely connect with your energy to channel spiritual messages and receive guidance on your behalf. We can pull cards around specific questions and decisions, ask for general messages for your highest good, or both. Readings are fun, relaxed, easy and nourishing. The flow of the reading is conversational in nature, and you will leave feeling reassured, sweetly seen and oh-so loved.

Readings are $170 and last approximately 60 minutes. Sessions are held via FaceTime or Skype.