You Are More Than Enough

You Are More Than Enough

Today I sat in mediation with tears streaming down my face, and I saw the litany of ways flash before my eyes that I've been beating myself up lately. Big things. Tiny things. Strange little things you wouldn't even imagine.

Like the planter in my window. I tried to start cilantro from seed about a month or two ago, and while three little shoots popped up to say hello, they eventually fizzled and fell. Now the planter is sitting in the window with dried out soil and tiny little cilantro carcasses, and I didn't even realize it was making me feel bad. 

Claim Your Inner Mystic: A FREE 7-Day Challenge

Claim Your Inner Mystic: A FREE 7-Day Challenge

Are you a spiritually-centered person who wants to invite more magic into your life but are not sure how to practically do that?

Are you curious about meditation and mystical tools like crystals and oracle cards but could use a little guidance to nudge you along?

Maybe you’re already spiritually connected but always welcome more fun, more community, more ways to experience the magic?

Five Breathing Techniques to Calm Kids (and Adults too!)

Five Breathing Techniques to Calm Kids (and Adults too!)

The foundation of any meditation practice is connection to the breath. Our breath not only nourishes our body through delivering vital oxygen to the blood, but it also acts as a current of energy that has the power to quickly and effectively calm our nervous system. Through slow, rhythmic breathing we can steady our heart rate, lower our blood pressure and soothe our nerves all at once.

But mindful breathing is not just reserved for meditation. It is an incredible tool that can help not only ourselves, but also the kiddos in our lives. Think about how much time children spend in the womb connected to the rhythm of the mother's heart and breath only to emerge into a world that can feel chaotic and discombobulating at times. The steady tide of the breath helps pull them back into the their natural flow and is an incredibly soothing way to re-center and reconnect.

How Working Out Has Healed My Life

How Working Out Has Healed My Life

In the past 6 months or so I've shed about twenty pounds of physical weight and another ton of energetic weight. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have in my life, and I'm looking at my body and the ways in which I support it through a completely new lens. 

In technical terms, you could say that I've lost the weight the good old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. And while I've adopted better habits in those areas, the truth is that it's all about the energy. My body is finally catching up on the outside to what my heart and mind feel like on the inside.

And the whole process has felt effortless.

What is Meditation? And Why is it Important?

What is Meditation? And Why is it Important?

Simply put, meditation is the quieting of the mind that allows the body deep, cleansing rest. When the body is allowed to slip into this state of rest, amazing things begin to happen. Stress releases. Cells rebuild. Energy moves. Healing occurs. Even five minutes a day can have a tremendous impact on your health and wellbeing. These days most of us live in a perpetual state of stress, yet we don't quite understand how this is physically impacting our health. How are our thoughts and day-to-day stressors creating such tangible effects in our bodies? And how can meditation reverse this?

Everything You've Been Wanting to Know about Angel Readings, Talking to Dead People, and My Psychic Gifts

Everything You've Been Wanting to Know about Angel Readings, Talking to Dead People, and My Psychic Gifts

In the past few months I have felt a strong call from the Divine to go inward, to create space for myself, and to be still. This has manifested itself in the letting go of many of my professional services as well as many of my social media accounts. No more coaching. No more women's group. No more Facebook. Not even meditation teaching for the time being. But for some reason amidst all that shedding the Angel Readings have asked to stay. 

Meditation Miracle: Abundant Riches and a Wealth of Gratitude

My house is quiet with the sounds of slumber. Chloe’s noise machine purrs with the gentle hum of the ocean. Brian’s slow, restful breaths fill the air of our bedroom. And I am completely still within my grateful heart. Just before I put Chloe down for her nap, she and I juiced together; she on her learning tower, me standing over the juicer chuckling as she handed me the produce piece by piece after sampling each one. Little nibble marks here, chunks missing there; each filling my heart with more and more love and appreciation.

A Year in a Word

Starting in 2008 I adopted a tradition of choosing a theme word for my year...the essence of what I intended to create month over month in my heart and life. I have adored this simple practice and treasured it as a way of re-centering and re-focusing throughout the year.

And it's that time again!!

But before I get into this year's word, I want to take a peek back at the words of years past and all the beautiful creations that have spawned from this purposeful practice...

YOU Can Heal YOU

In all my studies in the last few months on wellness, the Law of Attraction, the power of positive thinking, and the energy of the human mind, spirit and body, one concept in particular has been undeniably life-changing. And that is this...

"Both the good in our lives and the 'dis-ease' are the results of mental thought patterns that form our experiences." 

(Louise L. Hay in Heal Your Body A-Z)

Making Room

Clarity is such a gift. Don't you always appreciate it when someone is really clear with you? Whether it be with directions, what they expect from you, what the plans are... It's nice to have clearness of thought, desire and action.

Now imagine having that same clarity with YOURSELF. About what you want out of life...the kind of person you want to be...the people you want to surround yourself with.

It gives me chills of excitement just thinking about it!

Well, luckily clarity is one of those beautiful things that manifests when you're in your zen...when you're in the flow of your authentic self.

And the clarity in my heart and soul has been whispering quite distinctly...