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Claim Your Inner Mystic: A FREE 7-Day Challenge

Are you a spiritually-centered person who wants to invite more magic into your life but are not sure how to practically do that?

Are you curious about meditation and mystical tools like crystals and oracle cards but could use a little guidance to nudge you along?

Maybe you’re already spiritually connected but always welcome more fun, more community, more ways to experience the magic?

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Your Go-To Guide for Releasing Negative Energy

It happens to us all. We're humming right along in life, things are a-okay, and then we wake up one day in an undeniable funk. We don't exactly remember why we feel so bad, but we know for sure that we don't feel good.

We find ourselves analyzing and judging it in our minds. We push against it, and before we know it we're owning it. We're talking about it on repeat with our friends and family, and it weaves itself right into the definition of who we are.

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The Simple Energetic Tool I Use to Release Negative Energy

I'm lying in a lounger with tan legs extended and small beads of sweat beginning to wistfully pool along my hairline. The sun is dangling overhead from bluebird skies, and the shimmer of water is reflecting in my sunglasses. With a cold beer in hand, tunes that swoon of summertime dancing from the speaker, and a friend of more than a decade by my side, everything feels right in the world. 

Except then it doesn't.

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