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Claim Your Inner Mystic: A FREE 7-Day Challenge

Are you a spiritually-centered person who wants to invite more magic into your life but are not sure how to practically do that?

Are you curious about meditation and mystical tools like crystals and oracle cards but could use a little guidance to nudge you along?

Maybe you’re already spiritually connected but always welcome more fun, more community, more ways to experience the magic?

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A Girlfriend Guide to Learning About Crystals

My love affair with crystals started just two short years ago. While we flirted for almost a decade, it wasn't until I moved to Colorado in June 2015 that we began our deep, passionate romance. My husband, my daughter and I had just left our lifelong home state of Texas to travel the world (We made it as far as Colorado. But that's another story...), and I was craving a little piece of home. 

In Texas I had a beloved metaphysical shop where I purchased delicate necklaces adorned with a single crystal for attuning my energy. Each necklace came with a card describing the crystal's energy, and I would wear one for months on end until it broke, when I would buy another and experiment with another energy. I didn't know much about crystals, but I knew that I loved how those necklaces made me feel. 

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Three Must-Have Crystals When You Travel

I am leaving the chilly mountains of Colorado today and jetting off to sunny Texas for a well-deserved girls' weekend with one of my all-time besties! The amount of joy exuding from my heart right now is off-the-charts, and I'm already envisioning poolside cocktails and long leisurely patio lunches. 

And even though my energy is sky-high, I never leave home without a little crystal support to see me through the ups and downs of travel and of being away from home. These three trusty crystal companions are some of my go-tos for stuffing in my bra or my carry-on and hitting the road.

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